The NDCO Program

The Australian Government’s National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program works strategically to assist people with disability access and participate in tertiary education and subsequent employment, through a national network of regionally based NDCOs.

National Disability Coordination Officers work to build links between education, training and employment sectors, and to provide information, coordination and referral services so that people with disability have assistance at all levels.

In the Sydney Region the NDCO Program is hosted by the Centre for Disability Studies.

What are the NDCO Program goals?

  • improve transitions for people with a disability from their school or community into post-school education, training and subsequent employment;
  • increase participation by people with a disability in higher education, vocational education and training and employment;
  • establish better links between schools, universities, TAFEs, training providers and disability service providers so that they can work together to provide the best possible assistance for people with a disability.

The NDCO Program works towards the Australia-wide coordination and delivery of support services for people with disability who are at, or who will be attending, university, TAFE or another training organisation.

What services does an NDCO provide?

NDCOs operate in each one of the thirty-one NDCO service regions which cover Australia.

Your regional NDCO will:

  • raise awareness amongst education providers and the general public of the issues facing people with a disability
  • assist local education providers and service providers to identify needs and provide better services for people with a disability
  • link individuals, families and organisations to local services that have the resources to help through transition periods
  • provide information to education providers, service providers and individuals.

How can my NDCO help? 

Your NDCO can establish or support links between local organisations to build bridges between tertiary education institutions and job services in to order to help people with disability transition from study to work.

This includes:

  • working with educators, employers and other people in the community to identify and address barriers to participation
  • working with local stakeholders to help them implement policies that are designed to help people with disability
  • raising awareness about rights and responsibilities and services that are available.

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