Who are we?
The Sydney Network for Students with Disability is a network of students with disability or medical condition enrolled in tertiary study in Sydney. The network is facilitated by the Sydney Region National Disability Coordination Officer Program.

Who are students with disability?
The legal definition of disability under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in Australia is broad and includes chronic medical conditions, mental illness and learning disabilities. One in five Australians has a disability under this definition and 80% of disabilities are invisible.

The aims of the network:

  • Peer support and mentoring
  • Improving transition into and out of university
  • Advocacy for students
  • Data collection / recording student experiences
  • Disability awareness and knowledge for students, staff and the community

Current challenges faced by students:

  • Isolation of students / lack of community or network
  • Poor awareness of disability within the university
  • Non-engagement with disability services and lack of supports available
  • Issues around disclosing disability
  • Problematic transition from high school
  • Poor staff and peer awareness of disability and lack of sensitivity
  • Insufficient representation of students with disability in leadership positions
  • Poor provisions and poor understanding about provisions
  • Difficulty for students with disability balancing uni/work/life

Joining the network

The network is open to tertiary students who identify as a person with disability. If you are interested in joining the network or would like more information please email jessica.buhne@sydney.edu.au

Committee Members

The organising committee for the Sydney Network for Students with Disability has been working behind the scenes to set up the network for 2018 and has identified some further opportunities for students to join the organising committee.

We would like to ensure that the organising committee comprises of a diverse range of people in order to represent members as best as possible. This includes students with disability from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and students with disability who identify as LGBTIQ.

Why become a committee member?

  • Be involved in steering the directions of the network
  • Contribute your ideas and experiences
  • Networking opportunities
  • Develop your advocacy skills, event planning, time management, communication and team work skills
  • Add this experience to your resume

The committee communicates via face-to-face meetings as well as through online and phone communication. This is a voluntary role of approximately 1-2 hours per fortnight and we ask that committee members are able to commit to their role for 12 months.

How to register your interest

Please submit your resume along with a 1 page cover letter that outlines why you are interested as well as what you hope to contribute to the network.

If you have any questions about the organising committee or the network in general please let me know.